Artificial Insemination

AI is one of the most popular methods of breeding horses (except for the racing thoroughbred). Milton Equine Veterinary Clinic is now a BEVA-recognised AI Centre.

There are three methods of AI: using chilled, frozen or fresh semen. Fresh semen is limited to inseminating mares on the stud immediately following semen collection from the stallion. Most commonly semen is either chilled or frozen so that it can be transported internationally, thereby greatly increasing the choice of stallion.

Some of the advantages of AI:

  • reduced travelling for the mare
  • eliminated risk of the stallion or mare damaging one another
  • reduced (though not eliminated) risk of sexually transmitted disease
  • improved conception for elderly/repeat breeding mares
  • avoid the cost of stud livery

For further information on procedures involved and probable costs please contact Milton Equine.


Preparation for breeding

The sooner we get involved in your breeding plans the better placed we are to help you.

We can advise on the suitability of your mare for breeding, regarding her age, health and past history. We are very happy to talk through stallion choice if you are unsure and before committing to the expense of purchasing semen we would suggest checking the mare for infections and other problems which could impact her fertility. We would also discuss her particular cycle with a view to planning the logistics of the insemination as efficiently as possible.

Depending on the mare we may need to scan her to pin-point ovulation – this can be done at our clinic, or on your own premises if you have suitable facilities. Generally mares come to our clinic for a few days at the appropriate moment in their cycle, (usually a shorter stay than you would expect at a stud). We do a final scan before preparing semen for insemination.

Most AI takes place between April and July – a preliminary chat and the initial checks might be appropriate around February or March, but please feel free to call at any time.